Training for members of the monitoring groupon places of detention and liberty restrictions

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From February 23 to 25, 2024, the NGO “Human Rights Center”, in collaboration with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw, Poland), is organizing a 3-day training session aimed at enhancing the capacity of members of the monitoring group on places of detention and liberty restrictions. This group operates under the Coalition of Civil Society against Torture and Impunity in Tajikistan.

During the training, participants will receive instruction on the use of various monitoring tools for places of detention, such as observation cards and questionnaires for surveying different target groups. Additionally, they will receive training in data processing skills and report writing. After the training, the group will utilize the skills acquired to conduct a monitoring visit to eight closed institutions and subsequently formulate a monitoring report.

This training is part of the implementation of the project “Strengthening Civil Society to Advance the Human Rights of Prisoners in Tajikistan”, funded by the UN Democracy Fund.